You Should Follow Some Rules When You’re Trans and Gay

For transgendered gay men, dating is very limited. Because transgender dating and gay dating are relatively rare, transgender gay dating is very challenging. There are a few rules you should avoid when dating a trans and gay.

1.Avoid the fetish
Nowadays, “Shemale” though an offensive word, the groups are very popular with straight men. It shows that people believe that since transgender people have the right to deprive them of the right to urinate, they should also have sex with their bodies to make people happy. But that’s not the case. If you are trans and gay, you must avoid the fetish. They are just curious about you, not really like you. They may even hurt you if you don’t meet their needs.

2.Gay dating apps or sites are probably not the way to go.
Today, there are thousands of dating websites and dating apps for different people, including gay dating and transgender dating. There are lots of sites and apps for gay, but they either are not popular enough to have enough potential partners, or they are ostracised when it comes to gender identity and sexuality, like many not gay dating websites. As a matter of fact, many dating sites and apps now target only one group. Many gay dating sites do not include transgender people, and transgender dating sites does not include gay too.

3.You probably should avoid dating monosexuals.
This is not to say that all monosexuals are unfit for dating. It just may be safer to consider potential suitors if they are no longer on your preferred list. For anyone who doesn’t know monosexual means, the term is usually used to describe people who are interested only in one gender. Therefore, avoid straight and gay whenever possible. Bisexuals and self-identified gays may be your best potential partners.

4.Stealth is a horrible word
When taking about the transgender community, words have a great influence on transgender and cis people. The word “stealth” has been around for years, and a significant number of transgender people are unhappy with it. The term simply means that they decide not to disclose their transformation and identity gender. They don’t want to focus on them like people do, so they just let people know.

When it comes to dating, transgender people can tell each other who they want to date. They’re not obligated to tell you. They won’t cheat you if they don’t tell you in advance. Therefore, number four is very simple. Be yourself, no matter what you are or what you like, you should be proud of yourself.

5.Transphobic are a dealbreaker.
Sometimes it’s hard to tell if a person is transphobic or not. Obviously, if a person says he hates transgender people, he is transphobic. Some transgender people believe that transphobes generally don’t consider dating a transgender person because their gender in born and identity gender are different.

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