What to Do When Your Gay Man Is Distant

For some gay men, they may feel that their boyfriend is distant all the time. Even when they were dating on a gay hookup app, they seemed like someone they cannot approach. But why they decide to be together with such a gay man? The reasons may vary. Some of them really love this man because he knows them more than others. While some of them feel attracted to this kind of man because they are mysterious. However, when you start a relationship, it is nothing like dating on a gay dating app. Even if you need more from him, he doesn’t offer so much for you. Then, you will need some methods to deal with this problem.

First, you can try to find out the reasons why they act distant all the time. Some of them may be stressed out because of work, family life, or something else. If so, he may need more time dealing with his stuff and ignore your feelings. Some of them may be afraid of starting a relationship. They love their independence. But being with someone will make him lose his independence. So, he will pretend to be distant and pretend that he doesn’t need you. And there is another reason why he is so far from you, which is that he is cheating on you. He doesn’t want to break up with you but he can’t control himself to others. And it maybe because that you are so needy and clingy, which lead you to wrongly think that your partner is distant.

No matter what’s the reasons why your boyfriend acts distant, there are lots of things that you can do to save this relationship. First, try your best to less his stress and give all the space he needs to him. Don’t always check with him about where is he and what he is doing. To allow him to own his space and freedom will make him thankful to you. When he is facing problems, you have to be there or you need to tell him that you are there for him. If he needs you, he can call you and you will come to him. This way will show him that you love him so much. Then, he will love you more than ever. Anyway, you don’t need to worry about it. If there is a problem between you and your partner, you can feel it. You don’t want to destroy a gay dating with your partner just because that he is distant. Maybe you can find a right time to talk with him and figure out why he is distant.

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