Gay Dating Struggles For a Fat Man

When you are a gay and a fat man at the same time, life may be harder for you, especially when you want to find someone for gay dating. It doesn’t mean that people will always look down on fat men. Instead, fat men will look down on themselves at the first place. However, there are some other struggles that they may face when they are dating on a gay hookup app. And some of them might have been single for a long time just because they are fat. Let’s jump to it and see those pains that fat gay men go through.

1.They will be screened out or ignored easily on a gay dating app. Yes, it is unfair for fat gay men to date online. Some guys will easily screen them out just because of their body size. They don’t even want to spend time getting to know a fat man to see whether he is compatible with them. They just choose to pass those men with heavy a weight without any reasons. Even if there are guys who are willing to start a conversation with a fat man, it is likely that they will step away and ignore how this man will feel about his bad manners. To be honest, it really hurts.

2.They have extremely low self-esteem. When people ignore them for no reasons, they will definitely feel hurt at the same time. And that will lead them to have extremely terrible self-esteem in the end. We all know that there are so many gay dating apps where you can find so many hot and young gay man to talk with. So, why you would talk with someone who is fat and less hot? When they fail again and again on a gay chat app, they will finally give up their self-esteem because it is useless in this community for fat gay men. People only see thee weight not the man standing in front of them.

3.They will be seen as sugar daddies and others will come to them for money. There are sugar daddies who are really wealthy and handsome. What they are looking for are guys they want to take care of. But for fat men, they will be seen as sugar daddies, which is against their will. Guys will assume that they are rich and they are willing to pay for companionship and sex. So, there will be guys who will come to connect them on a gay dating app to see whether they can pay for their expenses. It is really a bad description for fat gay men.

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